Company Overview


Almost 4 decades ago, Mr. Banchharam Ghosh, the man behind the brand, set up a small shop in the heart of Central Kolkata, West Bengal. He started initially, with a small menu and the most notable point which made this shop stand out from the rest at that time was that all its sweets were prepared with the best quality Ghee. So, began the journey of Banchharam’s.

From a lone shop located close to the office hub of Kolkata to tables across Kolkata and even further beyond to homes in Bangaluru, India, Banchharam’s is committed to let the world discover the tastes of Bengal's sweets.

With the love and support of our customers we are devoted to create better products and services, streamline supply chains, and maintain hygiene at our production plants as well as our outlets.

Today, Banchharam’s has 3 production units situated in the Kasba Industrial Estate Phase I and Phase III and 22 retail stores spread all over Kolkata and Hooghly, including stores in NSCBI airport. We have also set up a production unit in Bengaluru, South India with 4 retail stores in operation. We deliver over 130 varieties of delicacies which are all prepared in a modern unit, handled by our trained staff with covered hands and supervised by experts who have years of experience. The production team, drawing feedback from customers on a regular basis is constantly developing newer varieties of sweets that bring novelty to our ever popular spread.

Quality Assurance


Quality is of the highest concern at Banchharam’s. Every item produced is carefully made to meet the demands and high expectations of our customers. The products  are made with pure ghee and in a ‘veg. only’ area. This is what has made Banchharam’s a leading producer of Bengali sweets and savouries, which is keenly sought after by the connoisseurs.

Hygienic Factory


Our manufacturing units at in Kolkata and Bengaluru, maintain the highest standards of hygiene. Most of the products are made on machines that are clean and well maintained. All our savoury recipes are strictly vegetarian i.e., without onion and garlic. To further ensure a pure vegetarian environment like our outlets, even our manufacturing units are strictly veg. only areas.



Shri Banchharam Ghosh, Founder





Our sweets and savouries are produced each day to ensure the best taste and the highest level of freshness. To meet this standard all our products are made and kept under hygienic & clean environments



It is only with the finest ingredients such as milk, sugar and pure ghee (clarified butter), can the very best sweets be prepared. Banchharam’s hand selects ingredients to ensure that the taste, texture and appeal of the final product are of the highest  standard.

We bring the tastes and flavours to our customers using age old recipes that had its origins in West Bengal and beyond.

Attention to minute details


We, at Banchharam’s, believe that the skill and know-how required to make the very best sweets are the foundation of our business. And this is the only way to ensure that our sweets attain ‘World-class’ status.

Hence, continuous innovation with new flavours and close attention to details is part of our daily routine.



We have set up a state of the art manufacturing unit in Sankrail food park, Dhulagarh covering an area of 70,000 sq.ft. under WBIDC where freshly prepared sweets and packaged products, which will have a long shelf-life of around 6/12 months, will be manufactured. The commercial production will start from 2020. We also intend to export the packaged products to different parts of the world.


Future Plans

Like Bengaluru we are contemplating to open more sales outlets in other places as well, such as Mumbai, Pune, Siliguri, Delhi and Chennai.

 Let us begin on a sweet note


We are a leading sweetmeat manufacturer in Kolkata serving the ‘City of Joy’ for the last 40 years. We are registered as a small scale unit under WBSIDC, as well as WBIDC, Government of West Bengal, India.


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