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Every country and its people have a way to celebrate an occasion. In India we do it with sweets. In spite of variety of new ways of celebrations, ‘sweets’ is the favourite item for most. And in Bengal, it occupies the most important place at all social ceremonies. For ages, sweets have been part of folklore. Every small village or town always had its favourite sweet shop. It’s been a cottage industry for hundreds of years.

As times have progressed so have tastes changed. It has helped in creating many new varieties of sweets. Banchharam's has been at the forefront of this sweet revolution, delivering sweets to match the taste of the modern 


There is a little bit of sweetness in every relationship


Almost 4 decades ago, in 1976, a small shop in the heart of Central Kolkata was where it all began.
Mr. Banchharam Ghosh, the man behind the brand, came to the city from East Bengal (now Bangladesh) with his 2 brothers. It was real hard times for the young man. But he never gave up. After a few years of initial struggle, he started operating a few canteens at industrial houses and was doing reasonably well. He gained lot of experience running this eatery business.

Mr. Ghosh was not satisfied though, as he had bigger dreams, so he decided to set up his own shop. But he could not come up with a suitable name for it, even after several brain storming sessions. Finally, his friends suggested the best name was his own "BANCHHARAM", which was uncommon for a sweet shop. The most notable difference that the new outlet introduced was that all its sweets were prepared in best quality Ghee.

So, began the journey of Banchharam's.

Today, Banchharam's has over 20 outlets across Kolkata and 4 in Bangalore delivering over 130 varieties of delicacies prepared in a modern unit, untouched by uncovered hand, supervised by experts with years of experience.  The production team, drawing feedback from customers are constantly developing newer varieties of sweets that add a new dimension to ever popular spread. 

It has undoubtedly turned out to be one of the best sweet shops in Kolkata and Bangalore.

Banchharam's founder
Shri Banchharam Ghosh, Founder


A sweetmeat shop delivering excellent quality of products with innovative ideas which no other shop of this kind has ever tried .They have mixed some idea of western deserts with our desi ones and also preserved our native taste... Resulting a amazing fusion and variety . Amriti , brownies , barfi , sonpapri , khirer chop , sandesh , paneer chop , patisapta are "must try" ... I just love them .

Arundhoti Shome


 I was never a sweets lover but Banchharam changed my perception towards sweets. The moment I entered this shop, I was amazed with their display of such wide variety innovative and creative sweets! And these sweets not only looks tempting but tastes equally good. You must try it out to believe and you won't be disappointed. 
This place is must try for all sweets lovers and non-sweets lovers also!

Meghna Bardhan


For authentic bengali sweets in Bangalore, this is my personal best choice of all. Taste is good, quality is awesome and hygiene is maintained.

Jaya Dutta


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Sweets and savories that are produced each day ensure the best taste and the highest level of freshness. All products are made and kept under a hygienic & clean environment to ensure that we deliver the best possible product to our valuable customers.

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